A Cry For Help

I’ve been asked the same question a lot lately. You know the “How has life been!?”

I think we all know how that scenario goes, we typically respond with something along the lines of “Oh, I’m doing great!” or “Doing good! How about you?” as we shift the limelight elsewhere.

Baby Cude: Concerns, Faith, & Gender

Before knowing the gender, I didn't really feel all that up to shopping or planning because I was scared to get my hopes up. I knew that if I set my mind on one gender and it turned out to be the other, I would be upset.

A Series of Unfortunate {Side Effects}: Morning Sickness.

Literally, ever since week 5, I have felt like I was hit by a bus (yes, just like Regina George) and then stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Go ahead and add in nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and piercing headaches. And if you must ask, like everyone else... No, I have not thrown up. Although, I feel like I would feel a lot better if I did.

Life N Lemons


When life gives you lemons... First of all, life has never given me anything other than acne and a deviated septum (I would've liked to have been able to opt out for both, but hey...). Everything else is something you earned, you gotta work for it. Now I'm not trying to sound completely negative and …

Who I Am

"Who I am is who they want me to be, but I'm having a hard time finding me." - Randy Rogers Band Ever felt like you were at a crossroads in life stuck choosing between going in a direction that is expected of you and where your heart is telling you to go? Ever felt …

Home ♥

Home is like a fresh set of sheets straight out of the dryer. A calming ocean wave. Home is happiness. Home fills the heart with joy. Home is full of family and bittersweet goodbyes. Home is IN FACT where the heart is. ♥ My trip home over spring-break was much needed. Here are a few, completely …

Gypsy Hippy Kay

Miss K Her name is Kamalia,  "it's like Pamela but with a "K". However, she typically goes by Kam, Kay or KayKay. Miss Kamalia grew up in Michigan. "The land where yoga pants are high fashion, turquoise is in short supply, and there's no such thing as Texas country." But K is just as Texan as …