My Western Boho Wedding | Marathon, TX

The Gage Hotel in Marathon, TX is a fun and well visited location in Far West Tejas. One that me and my now husband like to travel to every year. It’s about two hours from where we live – and that’s close for where we live, lol!

We wanted… well let me rephrase that, I, wanted the big fancy wedding that turns into a hug party after the ceremony. I wanted dancing, music and a send off. However, time and money my friends. Time and money, that’s all that it takes. Right?

Well at the time, time was not actually the concern. It was the money and the lack of energy to plan. You see, the list of guest kept getting longer and longer. Not to mention – the price tag as well. It was stressing me out. I would come up with a number of guest that we could invite and there would always be someone added to the list. And, luckily this was all pre-COVID but still… it was stressful to me.

So I came up with a list of absolute MUST-HAVE’s and then I went from there.

  • The Venue – Gage Hotel
  • The Boots
  • Lace Dress
  • Veil
  • Flowers
  • Dinner
  • Photographer

After I made my list and figured up the cost. It really wasn’t that bad – in the grand scheme of what a wedding could cost. I ran all kinds of ideas in my head – from destination wedding to the full blown thing. It started as an actual elopement, but to avoid feelings being hurt it turned into a small wedding. In the end, I do believe it was hard for some family members to understand and that hurts because I did not want to do that. However, ultimately it was the best decision at the time and saved us from having such a large bill. I would not have been able to afford the venue if we would have had a large wedding.

My one regret is not planning a honeymoon. We said we would go later on but as the time goes by, I get nervous that we may never actually do that.

With all that being said, it was a wonderful and stress free evening – for the most part stress free lol. Below you will find a few of my favorite photos from out wedding. All photos taken by Riggin Stewart Photography.

Also, Check out my Instagram Guide here!

July 25th, 2019

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