Mother’s Day Celebration Decor: Junibel Balloon Garland Kit Review

This Mother’s Day I teamed up with Junibel and was able to make our day fun and special!

I was fortunate to be sent not one, but two of their garland balloon kits to put together and share with y’all!

I decided to use one of the kits for celebrating #MothersDay! It was a fun activity to put together and while I worked on putting all 90 of these balloons together, my mind was going 90-to-nothing thinking about all of the events these can be used at! Not to mention, they’re fairly inexpensive and the instructions are clear. Along with helpful tips and supplies. My favorite was the sticky dots.

The kit comes with the following:

• 90 balloons (a package of large, medium, and small)

• A plastic strip to attach the balloons to

• Sticky clear dots (to attach small balloons at the end)

• Clear fishing line like string

They also sent me one of their electric balloons pumps – which I highly recommend getting because it saved so much time. If I didn’t have it I think the project could have felt overwhelming!

One thing I did learn – the garland gets heavy! It’s best to follow the instructions and allow for a generous space. I didn’t have a curtain rod and I also did not have command strip which is suggested to use if you don’t have fixtures to attach to. I tried to “redneck” it with some duct tape, and let me tell ya… it did not work for long! So be sure to prepare for a proper location for your garland or invest in the right supplies!

Lastly, something I noticed… the balloons seemed really durable. I know that sounds weird, but I only had one pop. And that was totally my fault since I blew it up too much! Honestly though, I really did take notice to the fact that they are great quality especially for an event!

All in all, after trying out this fun activity – I would recommend Junibel to a friend! Loved the way it turned out!! Thanks, Junibel, for the opportunity 💛

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