Boho Western | DRIFTWOOD Edition

Like anything I do in life, I want to stand apart. Be different and influential on others. Not just from a positive outlook, but from a style stand point as well. I’m not a trendy person, I am more like a go-with-the-wind kind of person. Whatever floats my boat at that moment kind of person when it comes to fashion and style. I like what I like.

That’s why I’ll be the first to tell you when brands reach out to me, I am a bit selective. Not to be mean by any means, but because not every trend or style matches up with me. You see, if you are trying to become an influencer, of any kind, its important to know what you stand for so that your audience also knows what you stand for. If you are throwing all kinds of content at them just to get a buck or a follower…. chances are your “influence” will fade.

Now you are probably thinking, ok, those last two paragraphs are kinda are hypocritical of one another. How can someone be a go-with-the-wind kind of person with their style but then say you need to know what you stand for? Sure, I get that. What I mean by “go-with-the-wind” is that I don’t follow the path of the fashion trends. When big white tennis shoes and scrunchies became all the rave, again, I was not jumping for joy to get on that wagon. No thanks, I’ll stick with Vans and my Cowboy boots.

So when DRIFTWOOD reached out to me, I was excited because I felt like this was a brand that I could get on board with. You see I think that their designs are really fun. And no, not all of their designs are for me, but they have quite a few that are. I like that they have a variety of styles to choose from. I also like that they are unique from other brands. I have really had fun with the pieces that they have sent over and to be 100% honest, I think that their products are really made well and fit comfortably.

Below is my favorite piece that they sent over. The style, fit, and overall design of these jeans suits me well. And if you are thinking about giving them a try, you can always use code 20FORME to receive 20% off your order at checkout!


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