I feel you.

I’ve been here before too.

I see you over there, tired as heck waking up for the day. You’re running on far too little sleep and you’re wondering how you will have enough time to get everything done today.

You stumbled over a sippy cup on the way to the refrigerator to make bottle and you just happened to look over at the sink. You’re not so surprised to see the dishes piling up when you are quite sure you just washed all of those… and you did.

You’ve made it to the bathroom to wash your face and you take a glimpse of what’s in the mirror. You question if you’ve really always looked this old or if it happened overnight. As you brush your teeth and you also move through the house, trying to multitask and pick up the clutter. Toothbrush in mouth and making the bed at the same time, you hear a cry coming from the next room.

You’re getting kiddos fed and trying to get dressed. Something that used to be fun, now you’re just looking for something that’s clean and somewhat presentable. No, there’s not much creativity in your outfits these days. Hairstyles are pretty much “whatever works” and makeup, if it exists, is pretty basic.

As you get everything and everyone loaded to head out for the day, you start to wonder where the fun you went. Where the time, energy and spark went?

You start to list all the things you want to get done today in your head. Which includes making a healthy grocery list and workout plan. Along with work to-do’s and maybe time for a movie or wine.

Then it happens, you get to work and before you know it, it’s 5 o’clock. You pick up your kiddo (or kiddos) and you avoid the store grabbing take out instead. You get home and there are new messes being made and time flies by. Before you know it, again, it’s time for bath and bed.

You’re sitting on the kitchen floor looking like a mop. You are wearing food, dog hair, some little humans snot, and your makeup has disappeared. You wonder where the time went and you have zero energy for working out, planning meals, paying bills, or self care.

And what hurts the most is you have zero energy for a hobby or creative outlet. So you sit on the kitchen floor far longer than you should googling how to have more time for you. Before you know it you need to take a shower and get in bed yourself.

You lay in bed and the process starts again. You start listing out all the things you hope and need to get accomplished the next day.

However, the one thing you don’t see… is how much you have already accomplished in a day.

How awesome you are. How you juggled work and kids. You got them fed and washed (maybe). They’re in bed and have a roof over their head. They have love in their hearts and they sleep peacefully because they know that YOU have their backs. They trust in you wholeheartedly. They are just fine.

Because of you, Mama!

So even when you’re down about it all. Remember, you’re someone’s superhero. You are a momma and that’s one of the hardest jobs there is. And you just conquered the day!


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