Cowboys In The Sky: Cattle Gatherin’

Gathering cattle is nothing new to the ranching industry. However, the methods used to accomplish this task have evolved throughout the years. From horseback to ATV’s, it’s never been an easy job.

Aside from horseback and ATV usage, there is an even more modern way to gather cattle! That’s with a helicopter and this just so happens to be Tanner’s (my boyfriend) job! Let’s just say he’s probably got the coolest job ever.

Back in July I convinced him to take me with him to gather cattle so that I could experience this ‘not your everyday’ job. I’m an advocate for agriculture and I love the cattle industry so you can bet I was up bright and early that morning ready to go!

I was really impressed with his flying and how attentive he was. It made me really proud to watch him fly and how he understood the cattle. If you know anything about livestock gathering, then you know you can’t just get in a hurry. You have to remain calm and keep the right distance. Which is one thing when you are on the ground, but when you are in the air… that’s a whole different ball game.

When you are gathering cattle, helicopters can be useful because they are able to fly slow, low, and get to hard to reach places. They also are useful because you have an aerial view of the cattle and you are less likely leave cattle behind. On the downside it can be a costly expense. However, depending on how many head of cattle a rancher has + the amount of sections they have, using a helicopter can be more efficient than hiring hands.

I’m all for preserving the western lifestyle and I appreciate the cowboys on the ground… and in the air. Here are a few pics that I snapped while we were gathering.

What are your thoughts on aerial gathering and have you ever been a part of this? I’d love to talk more on this with you! Comment below ❤


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