Western Wednesday: That 70s Vibe

Wednesdays are for western style!

This Wednesday I have some 70s inspired western style for you guys. One because these colors just make me happy and two because this shirt from Buckle’s brand Gimmick’s is like the one non-maternity shirt that actually makes me feel like I’m still stylish – somewhat.

Rockin’ a bump can be plain hard sometimes. Clothes feel foreign to your body, everything is uncomfortable, and let’s face it… yoga pants don’t always make the cut for the cute outfits you had in mind.

So far I’ve learned that sometimes you just gotta rock it anyway. Embrace that bump and roll on. Also, give a damns go out the window when it comes to wearing something twice in one week. At least for me…

Has anyone felt the challenge of styling a bump?

Anyway, I’m really diggin’ the mustard colors lately (I know it’s been a thing for a min) and this top paired with this necklace just POPS!

I’m lovin’ it!


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