Negative Nancy: Is she contagious?

We all know a Negative Nancy.

She shows up and there was always something that happened to put her in a bad mood. Whether there had been an event on the road that made her late or the guy in front of her bought the last coke so she didn’t get one. It’s always something with Nancy.

Don’t be a Nancy.

Strive to see the good. Breathe and let it go. Sing the dang Frozen song if need be. Make yourself laugh and then move on!

I do admit, avoiding negativity is impossible, but how you react to it is completely up to you. Staying on the positivity path is not exactly easy. I mean there are so many things that happen in our daily lives that can easily cause frustration and create a negative attitude.

My biggest struggle with staying positive is when someone else is being negative. It’s like their negativity rubs off on me and it becomes a vicious cycle. Even if they were just venting, it’s like my mind just picks up those vibes and takes a turn down negativity lane. The bad mood builds up and I start heading straight for Nancy’s house. With every negative comment and thought moving me closer like a board game. Sometimes its not even a few spaces, its like I drew ‘go to jail’ except it read ‘go to Nancy’s and stay four rounds’. When I finally get over my mood, I end up questioning why I was even in a bad mood. Most the time the answer stems back to my interactions with others in the negative community.

At the end of the day I know that my actions and behavior is 100% determined by my me. I’m not in any way trying to blame my negativity on others, I just find it odd that I allow myself to focus on the bad when I am around those who are ignoring the good. It’s like monkey see, monkey do for some reason. I’m currently working on being able to block out those bad vibes without having to cut people out entirely.  Unfortunately, there are just some people who are negative 24/7 and that can really put a damper on at least trying to be a positive human!

I’ve seen negativity consume a persons life first hand. It’s a sad, sad thing to witness and unfortunately we cannot be the one’s to change that for them. They have to realize what they are doing on their own. Stepping back knowing you can’t help them is a helpless feeling, especially when you just want them to be happy.

Like I said earlier, I may not be the most positive human on earth… Actually, I know I most definitely am not, but I strive to roll with the punches. Life is gonna throw you what it wants to and the way you react to those curveballs determines your happiness. Yep, I went and did it. I now sound like that motivational speaker you have heard time and time again. Well, there’s a reason for that. It’s because they’re right!

Fortunately, life is about progress not perfection and don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise. Life is too dang short to be caught up on the little things. Life is too dang short to let the negativity demons consume you.

Love is a battlefield. That might be right, but so is life in general. It’s a dang battlefield to keep that positivity train rollin. Instead of being a damper, be the coal that keeps your train rollin. Block out that negativity and let the sunshine in!

Let your inner Negative Nancy know, she’s gotta hit tha road.

Until next time,



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