Baby Cude: Concerns, Faith, & Gender

Well, I’m a little late on sharing this info here on the blog! Many of you have already seen that we have revealed that baby Cude will be a little girl!

Codi Lynn Cude is expected to make her debut November 19, 2018.

We are super excited to meet our new blessing that has made us a family! Now that I know the gender, I feel like I have been in full nursery decor planning mode. Instead of browsing Instagram when I get bored, my greatest distraction is shopping for her nursery.  Before knowing the gender, I didn’t really feel all that up to shopping or planning because I was scared to get my hopes up. I knew that if I set my mind on one gender and it turned out to be the other, I would be upset. I would be lying if I said I didn’t slightly want a girl and what is even crazier, is that I had a feeling that it was a girl since the moment I found out! I thought women who said they “just knew” or “had a feeling” were full of it, but it is really true.

Now, of course, I would have been just fine if it had turned out it was a boy. All I wanted and would tell people is that I wanted a healthy baby! That’s all we really want right!? That was a major stress for me in the beginning. I know you are not supposed to stress out when you are pregnant, but I was STRESSED out about health.


Well, you see, in my family (maternal side), it’s not uncommon for males to be diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD) to be exact. Now before you go and say or think, “she should love her baby either way”… I certainly would have! However, it is very concerning to not know if your baby will develop this genetic disease or not. I am not good with the unknown. Deep down, everyone hopes for a healthy child that can one day enjoy the luxuries of playing outside with other kids. Running, jumping, and overall having the ability to be active without assistance.

There are many types of MD (I believe there are 9 types), so let me give you some background on BMD. It is an inherited genetic disease that causes progressive weakness of the skeletal and cardiac muscles, primarily affecting voluntary muscles. It is similar to Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) but differs in the fact that its course is slower and less predictable.

Many people thought it was silly for me to stress and just said to trust God. It’s not that I don’t trust the Lord, I just wanted to mentally prepare myself and know the facts to be able to prepare and educate myself.

So I went to a genetic counselor in Houston to see if I was a carrier. She was so awesome! Finally, someone who listened and understood my concern other than my close relatives. We went over my family history and talked about who had the condition and so on.

Both my uncles (mother’s brothers) had MD along with other distant relatives. Like I said, it’s the male that develops the symptoms and the women who can carry the chromosomal mutation. The reason most females do not develop symptoms is due to the fact that females have two X chromosomes and males have an X and a Y. Since the mutation comes from the female, that means it comes from an X chromosome. Because females have the two, typically when she is developing the more normal of the two will be used for deciding important factors like whether or not MD will develop. However, she is not completely in the clear if she has the chromosome even if symptoms do not develop. She becomes what is known as a carrier and that put’s her at a 50/50 chance she will pass it on to her own children one day.

Luckily my results came back that I am not a carrier. What a relief! Once I knew my results, I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. I had prayed and prayed. I had talked to God countless times. I didn’t necessarily ask to not be a carrier, but I asked for strength and guidance. It wasn’t like he was going to change the outcome. It would be what it would be and he has known since the beginning of time whether I would be a carrier or not. So like I said, I asked for strength to overcome whatever the results would be and guidance to have faith and know what to do with those results.

I feel blessed to know for one I am not a carrier nor will my child have to stress about this when she has children of her own one day. The excitement has been growing continuously and so has the little bump!



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