A Series of Unfortunate {Side Effects}: Morning Sickness.

Right before and when I first found out I was expecting I felt AWESOME!

No morning sickness, tons of energy, and I really felt like I had my life together! I mean I had cleaning the house and laundry done every Sunday. The house was spotless and the fridge was even organized. I had finally gotten a routine and things were falling into place. Or so I thought…


Then week 5 rolled around and my life has changed ever since. Literally, ever since week 5, I have felt like I was hit by a bus (yes, just like Regina George) and then stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Go ahead and add in nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and piercing headaches. And if you must ask, like everyone else… No, I have not thrown up. Although, I feel like I would feel a lot better if I did.


I have tried ALL the remedies you could possibly think of. From peppermints to ginger ale, and special tea. You name it, I have probably tried it. Also, if another person tells me to “try crackers” I am going to lose my mind. I’m talking going full Mad Hatter on them. I even tried Diclegis (prescribed by my doctor) and that did nothing. I almost felt like heartburn/indigestion was worse taking them. Unfortunately, I eventually accepted my fate and realized this was not something I could really make go away.


Around week 10, I thought that it had ended. I actually had an appetite and food was starting to sound good again. Well, I guess I had got excited way too soon and all the terrible side effects showed back up on my doorstep week 11 and just let themselves in. They didn’t even ring the doorbell to give me a warning.


Along with all the horrible side-effects I have already listed, I think the worst one has been the disgusting taste in my mouth. Let me just say it is NOT a metallic taste, it’s much worse. Everything I have found online describes this to be a nasty metallic taste and that’s not the case with me.

Unfortunately (yes, this is becoming the series of unfortunate events… or should I say series of unfortunate side effects?), I have yet to find a remedy that completely rids my mouth of this horrid taste. Granted, I have found that swishing and gargling with warm salt water temporarily/somewhat gets rid of the horrible taste that just chills in the back of my throat on my tongue. This has worked a lot better for me if I brush my teeth prior to using the salt water. However, the horrible taste does come back shortly after so I like to do this before I go to bed and hope that I fall asleep shortly after. Buuut… falling asleep is a whole nother ball game and normally does not happen fast or last long.


Here is a list of some items and remedies that I have tried (although they haven’t been the cure-all):

If you are also expecting I’d love to hear about your experience and what’s going on with you. Comment below and subscribe!

**All of the memes were found on Google images and I do not take credit for any kind of ownership.**


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