Life N Lemons

When life gives you lemons…

First of all, life has never given me anything other than acne and a deviated septum (I would’ve liked to have been able to opt out for both, but hey…). Everything else is something you earned, you gotta work for it.

Now I’m not trying to sound completely negative and you’re most likely wondering where the heck I am even going with this. To be honest, I’m not even too sure. I guess we will see where the words take us. You see I went to bed with my mind pondering on this concept and woke up with it still there so I felt obligated to share. You know the “If life gives you lemons…” blah, blah, blah. I was thinking well you know life has never really just handed me a lemon, let alone anything else. I know it’s not intended to be taken literal, but let’s just pretend for a moment.

What has life given you?

I’m not talking about God (although I am a believer), I’m talking about life. Really, what has life GIVEN to you?


You might be thinking well I got a lot of acne this year or maybe you are thinking back to your adolescent years and that fun overbite that had you wearing braces for like five years. You’re thinking “Life hmm… life has… it’s made me turn into an adult overnight and I have been blessed with all of these bills and problems! Yea, that’s what life has done for me”!


Life alone gives us…

OK, Hold on a sec. I have to take a short break… there is a fly buzzing around the window behind me and I just migggght loose…

my head.

Nevermind, I killed it. Moving on.

Life alone gives us opportunity. Opportunity to make a difference. Opportunity to bring joy, happiness, laughter, and kindness into the world. That opportunity is worth a lot more than the material things if you ask me.

Every single day we wake up and we are given air to breathe and the opportunity to make decisions. Every single day someone, multiple individuals (including myself), take that for granted.

Let’s stop doing that. Let’s have a better mindset. Let’s quit thinking “well life hasn’t done anything for me”. Let’s get out there and use our opportunity to the fullest!

Stay positive my friends!


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