Illustrate this in your head, you are going to draw a picture of a cat… What???

Ok I’m just gonna spill it today.

That being said, if you don’t want a long personal semi rant then this IS not for you. However, if you have ever worked really, really hard at something only to have someone else copy your work and ideas, then this is for YOU.

I am not going to throw out any names because this is not the first time this has happened and it will not be the last, but I do need to get it out! One thing is for sure, if you have great ideas and you publicly announce or share them, you can bet that they are going to show up at someone else’s front door. As if they thought of it first, pssssh.

Well, the thing is, there are a lot of creative people out there. Andd, there are a lot of creative people out there that think similarly. I have to remind myself of this VERY often.

So, as you know… or maybe you don’t know, I own a business called The Roaming Coyote. It is an online boutique that carries women’s apparel and accessories. Since 2015 I have had an amazing vision for the boutique and I even came up with the name because I thought it was VERY unique. I knew that I could create a lot of hashtags that were not being used and other forms of standout slogans to drive sales. All I wanted was to be authentic and unique.

The problem with it all is that, well, I went public. I mean I had to if I was going to get the show on the road, right?

Now you see Coyote this and Coyote that. I’m not saying that I am the first one to think of Coyote for a business name, but come on! So a lot of my visions that I had for my business I started to see others doing. I started thinking “Who did I tell that to?” and “How did they know?”.

You are probably thinking “You snooze, you loose!”, and I am not disagreeing with you either. The truth is, I didn’t tell anyone. The world is FULL of creative, awesome, talented people and there is always going to be a challenge to define your authenticity no matter what.

Illustrate this in your head, you are going to draw a picture of a cat and the image you have in your head is great. Then you draw the cat and it looks like a corn dog with legs. The point is, you can plan all you want but at the end of the day the result may be a little different (or a lot if you suck at drawing).

I still get a little frustrated because I am all about the brand, but what is cool is that I have adapted and stuck to my guns at the same time. A little bit of both and the brand is still coming along, beautiful as ever!

So like this bomb ass quote that I did NOT come up with, “Sometimes it ends up different, and it is better that way.”


Whichever way or road your plan takes, let yourself grow from it.


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