February 1st! It’s that time again, love is in the air…

Really what they mean by that, is when you walk down the holiday isle you can smell the aroma of all the chocolates waiting for you to pick them up on the day after sale. Lol, yes I am that person who waits for Valentine’s candy to go on sale and then I become a hoarder like your aunt Kathy. Jk, I don’t know any aunt Kathy’s and that stuff doesn’t last long enough to be hoarded.

Ok, so now that I got to put a little humor into this post (yes, I think I’m funny), let’s move forward.

IF YOU ARE ANYTHING LIKE ME, then cold weather is not your BFF. Also, I’m from Texas, aka the bipolar weather state. Sometimes Valentines is sunny and 75 and others it’s 32 and sleeting. It just all depends.

So dressing for a hot date can be, well, stressful? It’s ok if your hot date is the cocoa you have in that mug, that’s fine too… wait, who am I kidding? It’s not hot chocolate in that mug, it’s cheap wine. #KeepItClassy

I don’t judge.

I love, love, love to get dressed up, but I also like to wear comfortable clothes.

That’s why I put together these two valentines outfits to get you inspired. No matter the weather, no matter the date (sappy movies and binge eating chocolate included).

The first outfit is for the punchy cowgirl in you that want’s to express her girly side, but also want’s to stay warm.

Now, I did not grow up wearing wild rags, but I will say I did start wearing them before this wildrag frenzy came about. I am definitely not a pro at wearing them, but then again, who cares? This little minirag adds the perfect twist to this outfit and not to mention it’s keeping my neck pretty warm n toasty.

Sweater: Lauren Conrad, Khols

Jeans: Wrangler, eBay

Mini Wildrag: Brazos Avenue Market – Angleton

Hat: Catalena Hatters

This second outfit is made for romance!

Just hanging with Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck…
Jk, it’s just this tee from @the_wacky_wagon gives me major western vibes.
Which is why I went with a rustic, yet romantic look by adding this blush fringe jacket (keeping me warm from the wind) and this one of a kind squash. I really like the way the chocolate felt (this actually keeps me warm too) pairs with the blush all coming back to the shirt itself!

Tee: The Wacky Wagon

Jacket: Buckle, Blush Noir

Jeans: 7 For All Man Kind Dojo Flair Trouser (heavily starched)

Jewelry: Unknown, all were gifts

Hat: Catalena Hatters

Main conclusion?

1. Wildrags keep you warm AND add a statement to the outfit. You can even take it to the next level with a cute turquoise slide.

2. Hats are great accessories and can keep your body warm.

3. Color choices can set a mood. The first outfit is fun and different. The bright colored pants contrast the off-white hearts on the sweater, but when you add the cheetah minirag, the outfit seems more complete!

As for the second outfit, it is more of a romantic vibe. This is achieved not only by bringing in timeless jewelry but also how the chocolate felt hat accents the blush jacket. The fringe adds that little twist and you just can’t get past the top really honing in on those western vibes.

4. Make it your own and OWN it! These outfits are not sparkles and glitter because that’s not me (only every now and then), but it’s OK if you are that person. By all means, girl, rock it!

I hope you enjoyed this little style inspo.

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*Update: I take most of my own pictures (the SG Brand) unless Simply Photography by Meagan is around, so my feet were cut off in these images due to me setting up a camera and running to pose for you guys. However, I am wearing white/cream fringe Coconut booties with both outfits! The struggle is real yall, the struggle is real!


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