#WesternWednesday to the extreme, but in a good way. These top ten Pinterest finds (picked by myself) are sure to blow your mind (yea, I made that all rhyme). Oh, and don’t think these are really in order because let’s be honest, they’re all pretty dang cool and I’m way to on the fence for deciding.

10. Shades of Rich 

I can’t decide if I feel like I am in Water for Elephants with all the luxurious red tones, or if I just stepped into a western. Either way, I like it.


9. The Big Iron

Super elegant starting with the structure of the room all the way to the details. Cozy vibes and welcoming space.


8. The Rustic Chic 

The amount of light these doors let in just makes me happy seeing it in a picture. This room has a simple, yet cozy vibe going on. Found on Pinterest via


7. The Gage

This room is located at the well known Hotel Gage. A Texas tradition carrying the feels of the west.


6. Open Spaces

Open spaces that one can’t complain about. The Pendleton to the tub, I’m hooked. 


5. The Wander Inn

wander inn
Another Texas treat. The Wander Inn. Created by the wonderful souls at Junk Gypsy.


4. The Big Cheif 

This bold little room carries enough spunk to hold it’s own. Watch out when it shows up to a gun show because it carries a bang!


3. Boho Balance

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
This room certainly hits you with the boho feels, but has a nice western twist. That Navajo blanket adds all the right vibes giving it the perfect balance between western and bohemian. Found on Pinterest.


2. Felina’s El Paso 

This room is like the Marty to my Robbins. This little west Texas romance has a rich southwestern mix.


1. The Grey Room

Lovely tones of grey and uniques usage of antlers. Cabin Fever just got real, fast. Found on Pinterest via saved to The Southern Gypsy’s “Dream Home” board.


Hopefully, you enjoyed looking at these beautiful bedrooms as much as I do. And yes, I do know as much as you know… that you probably could have spent your time doing something a little more productive. That’s ok though. 😉


* The images included in this post are not owned by and we give full credit to the creators and owners of those contents.

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