Gypsy Hippy Kay

Miss K

16298418_1456621667682692_5049182943524241593_nHer name is Kamalia,  “it’s like Pamela but with a “K”. However, she typically goes by Kam, Kay or KayKay. Miss Kamalia grew up in Michigan. “The land where yoga pants are high fashion, turquoise is in short supply, and there’s no such thing as Texas country.” But K is just as Texan as the rest of us who grew up here. Tex-Mex, cattle, and costume jewelry keep her content. Not only does she enjoy adventure, she has a a new journey ahead. This Texas country lovin’, turquoise wearin’, gypsy hippy lady is a momma to be!

Just look at that adorable bump! ->

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

I was in a saddle before I could ever walk.  Between team penning, Showing in English and later on getting into barrels, I always knew that in the saddle is where my booty belongs. I was literally the “weird horse girl” growing up.  If I wasn’t riding I was cheering.  For 8 years I spent my time cheering competitively and for our towns program and then later on through my school. My parents got divorced when I was 12 so 3 years later my mom, younger sister and myself ended up here. Talk about culture shock.  When we got here I could never picture myself involved in fashion, off to rodeos all the time, meeting so many people from all over and having so many doors open up to me just because of my wild child tendencies.


What does having a “gypsy soul” mean to you? 

A “gypsy soul”. I think people started calling me a gypsy before I ever realized I was one.  My heart lives for adventure but my truck and wallet hate me for it.  Having a gypsy soul to me means you crave adventure, you never pass up the opportunity to travel, learn new things or meet new people.  My free spirit has brought me to all kinds of places where my soul feels at peace.  I would much rather have memories and grand adventures under my belt rather than all the money in the world.


Do you have a “tribe” of friends or are you more of a lone wolf?

Let me tell you about my tribe…they are seriously the warriors of the plains! They are constantly pushing me to make myself better, are definitely my go to about fashion and my side kicks to all my crazy antics.  The only time I’m a lone wolf is when I’m chasing pavement on my way to see one of my tribe members as they are all spread out across America these days!


When going on a road trip, what three items are always with you?

 Man oh man, three items only? Hell my truck is always loaded down I feel like I live out of it.  My number one- my Rottweiler named kannon!  He’s my registered service dog who helps me with my every day tasks and I very rarely leave home without him.  I don’t know who gets more excited about a road trip these days me or him.  Number 2- my back seat contains at all times every pair of boots I own and all of my jewelry, I can’t wear the same thing twice so I might as well keep the necessities on deck at all times.  Number 3-working in a well known Texas country bar I have acquired a TON of cds thanks to all of the bands that come through our dogs.  If you’ve ever been on a trip with me then know that I have prayed for your sanity and your ears because I’m singing my heart out the whole time!

What sets you apart from others and makes you unique?

That’s a tough one! I would have to say it’s that fact that I didn’t come from this world.  I didn’t grow up around cattle, fashion, Tex-mex or ranches but you can bet that I spend all my time around all these things I love to make up for the all the time I spent living on basically another planet.  I’m seriously so I love with everything that is “Texas” that if they had a pageant for girls who dig burritos, serape and fringe I would probably win.


If you could inspire one person, what would you say to them?  

Everyone has this preconceived idea that your life is all about how it is perceived on social media. My whole life I was super outgoing, could talk a brick wall to death, never had a fear in the world and never met a stranger then BOOM!!! One day I got hit with a brick wall of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, night terrors and memory loss, later leading to my diagnosis of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). It took me a long time to learn that I was still lovable to anyone.  If there’s anything I could instill in girls especially its to love yourself and your life! Let people hug you on your bad days.  Go the extra mile for someone who may be having a tougher day than you.  Do what makes you happy and always use your manners 😘 there’s no better feeling in this world than knowing your worth it!

We asked her to list her top 5 Instagram accounts to follow.  

How do I say this without sounding like a stalker?  Okay there’s no way not to do that so here we go… My fashion inspirations!






How would you describe your personal style?

 “Gypsy hippy on a budget?”  Is that a fashion style?  I may not have 1200 bucks to spend on a squash blossom or have grandma passing down her legendary turquoise but you best believe I have the best costume jewelry collection in all of San Angelo Texas haha. I went from wearing all black to not being able to keep all these crazy colors and styles out of my closet.


How can we keep up with you?

If you like really boring people, some selfies of my once a week put together self, lots of pictures of dogs then by all means follow me on Facebook- Kamalia Kay Murphy and Instagram @kamaliak

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