January Mini Haul: Target

The smallest Target trip EVER.

One thing you will notice really fast is that I am a lover of all products that include coconut. Somehow I managed to not spend $100+ on nonsense. I do feel pretty good about that. I am obviously drawn to the $1 bins. And unfortunately, I perspire a lot.


I love simple staples. So many ways to play it up or dress it down. I also hate the cold so the more sweaters the merrier!


So typically I am not interested in purchasing the cheesy graphic tees from Target, but I really took a liking to this one. I wonder why? LOL. Johnny Freakin Cash. I also envisioned turquoise against that rustic yellow and I was SOLD.


Ok. So I know they say not to judge a book by it’s cover but this conditioner smells so good!! I was totally sold on this just by smelling it! So far I haven’t had any bad experiences with this brand so I quickly placed it in my cart and went on my way.


I took a leap of faith with this one. I have never tried this product before so I am in uncharted water. I am very nervous with moisturizers because I typically breakout. However, it all comes back down to where I live. If I don’t use some kind of moisturizer my face will become as dry as a chalkboard. So with that being said I am very hopeful that this product will be worthwhile.


Since moving to west Texas my hair has become very dry and brittle. A great contrast to what my skin is used to. It is nothing like living on the coast with moisture in the air! I have used this deep conditioner once before and I really liked it. For myself it last for a few days.


I don’t know about you, but this girl right here needs extra strength when it comes to battling perspiration. I’ve been using Secret Clinical Strength since high school. I have not come across any others that work for me.


Because nieces. Do I need to say more? One thing I will comment on is the fact that I didn’t realize one sheet of the stickers was gone. Though it was only a dollar, it is still irritating to leave with only half of what you paid for.



And that concludes my mini-haul.

Please feel free to suggest moisturizers that work for you along with hair products for dry environments. Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe.

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