New Year. Same Me. Different Expectations.

We’ve all seen these post before. You know the ones about everyones goals that they set for the very first day of the year. They end up lasting until maybe March. Well I am that person today! Ha. Well except I’m planning on at least making it to June… Just Kidding. The goal is to last for the whole year.

So here it is…

My list:

  1. Post more consistently on my blog.
  2. I started a fitness page on this website. So I mean keeping up with that would be great.
  3. Figuring out my evil eyebrow. You know, the one that never cooperates and has a mind of its own. Everyone has one and if not, then I envy you.
  4. Using up all of those lotions and body washes that only sit in my bathroom cabinet to collect dust. I oath I will not buy more until they are all completely used.
  5. Reaching my step count with my Fitbit. It’s currently set at 8,000 but I plan on raising it in the future.
  6. Eating better and meal prepping.
  7. Using my planner more effectively.
  8. Complaining less. Taking negative words/talk/vibes out of my life.
  9. Saving more of my money.
  10. Ride my horse more and roping.

Well now that I have a list to look back on I’m holding myself to it! Please feel free to comment! Also, if you have a Fitbit and want to be friends, comment your email! I’ll add you 🙂

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