As The Years Go By…

As the years go by there are some things that I have learned.

I have learned to enjoy the simplest things. It only takes the smallest events to touch my heart these days. I have learned that time passes us by faster than we realize. I have learned that good things really do come to those that wait. I have learned that instant gratification may in fact be instant, but it’s the hard work and patience that teach us to appreciate more.

As the years go by I get older.

I grow older physically as I do mentally. I have gained knowledge through experiences that I once thought were hard and impossible. I am more reflective on my past and I can see how far I have come. I have made so much progress in my life. I like that about myself.

As the years go by I have gained respect. 

I have gained more respect for myself and for others. I have taken more pride in my actions and behaviors. I have realized the importance of knowing the respect you deserve as an individual and standing up for it.

As the years go by I have changed.

As the years go by many things change. However, how you choose to adapt to the changes is what matters most. Life is not a test with a step by step manual. It’s a test of trial and error. A test within yourself that is graded on how you learn, grow and adapt.

What will your grade be in the end?


I’m dedicating this post to my Pawpaw. A man that went through many different obstacles in his life but he remembered that life was about adapting and learning. A man who was a positive ray of light. He was a parent, a brother, a friend. He could make you smile on your darkest days. Thanks for being you Pawpaw and thanks for teaching me so many things about life.


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