Like A Band Of Gypsies We Go Down The Road

Down the road I go, again!

Sorry for my absence, again. As you can tell I have some commitment issues I need to work on, but I’m getting there. I think.

Anyway, I’m excited to share with you that I will be taking my first “official” road trip of the summer! I will remain in Texas for the duration of this trip, but it shall be good. Don’t let the name of the towns bore you though.

A few will be:

Fort Stockton, TX – TBA 🙂

Del Rio, TX – Lake adventures

Marathon, TX – Photoshoot

Marfa, TX – Photoshoot

So as you can see, west Texas it is. Why west Texas?

I have recently started a boutique called The Roaming Coyote! Full of western and bohemian inspired clothing for the gypsy in YOU! No, I was not trying to make that sound like a sales pitch so sorry if it seemed that way. Ha! Seriously, I have started a boutique and we are having our first photoshoot. We will also be staying at the Gage Hotel to discuss business strategies and brainstorm!

I am super excited for a few good reasons!

1)  I have had this idea in my head for so long and I’m glad to finally piece it all together.

2)  Tanner is my photographer and he will also be there! It’s tradition to go eat at the Gage in the summer so we will also be checking that off of the list.

3) I’ve been feeling a great need to chase some adventure and fuel that fire inside.

If you have never visited the Gage Hotel and White Buffalo Bar… Well I suggest you do! I will be sure to post pictures of my trip and they will also be on The Roaming Coyotes blog!

For a little bit of a teaser, here are some pictures (I do not own them) at the Gage Hotel.

Until next time…

– The Southern Gypsy


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