So a few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Instagram. Aaaa-nd this was no little giveaway. Nothing is wrong with small giveaways, in fact I will be hosting one on my page in the near future! However, this was the daddy-o of all giveaways I have personally seen!

With a total of 8 different sponsors and 13 giveaway items, this one really takes the books! The value of the items together was over $1300.00 and ended up being split between 3 winners (including myself)!

To enter you had to be following all sponsors, tag friends,  and repost the original picture using the hashtag #WAYMOREWESTERN.


Sponsors of the giveaway:

Westernandco          Savannah Sevens

Allie Falcon       Arrow J Leather

Rodeo Quincy        Wild Bleu

Envie Boutique      Redeemed Cowgirl

I cannot stop saying thank you to those who sponsored this giveaway! They are all awesome! I am in awe that I actually won a giveaway because that never happens to me! Like ever. The items that I won came from Savannah Sevens, Redeemed Cowgirl, and Envie Boutique. I love everything that I received so much and really just cant express my appreciation enough! A big thanks goes to Westernandco for putting the giveaway together.

Here are a few pictures of the items I won.


Some of the pictures that are included in this post are not owned by me. I give full credit of content used to their rightful owners.


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