In Between The Lines

Through the details and the flaws

There’s a gypsy with a cause

Fearless, for she sees in her heart

A plan for better

Everyday is a brand new start

Well hello again! I’ve been gone for a little bit, but it wasn’t forever. I needed to take a second to breathe, without disruption and technology. So I went on a adventure to the middle of nowhere. I had been there before but it was calling me once more. The disconnection is sometimes great for ones soul.

I have been feeling a little lost and my vision was fading. I needed to get back to what was true in my heart and reevaluate what means most to me. My revamping journey not only helped, but I know now (more than I ever have) what I want to do with my life.

A plan for better. A plan for a truer me and a brand new start. Don’t be afraid to be fearless in perusing what you dream of, but also do not fear being in the middle of the unknown. It’s a little tricky you see. Ultimately, listen to your gut feeling. Sometimes the answer is in between your own words. You wont find the answer if you’re seeking for it through others. This is something that you find inside.

Here’s to a brand new start. Here’s to what has yet to come!

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