My Top 10 – Insta Accounts (shopping)

Instagram has become the new mall that has it all! No driving, pants, or people (for the most part) involved. For a person like me, that’s an ideal shopping experience. From outfit inspiration to unique limited pieces, there is an Insta account out there for you!

It’s kind of hard to pin point a particular fashion style to me because I enjoy many different looks and often mix them together. This why I like Instagram for shopping purposes, I can find a variety of items without having to dig through racks of clothes.

I have put together a list of my top 10 favorites! These accounts are not in order from most favorite to least, they are randomly listed. I don’t know if I could place them in order. Honestly, they’re all that good! These accounts have been chosen as my top ten because of their products available, crispness of their pages, and overall message as a business. They are all different in their own way.

These are a few of my favorite…

Instagram Accounts!

Savannah 7’s

I really enjoy this account because the products are rustic and feminine at the same time. Not only are they unique in style, the owner is a super sweet person! If you ever have a question to ask her don’t hesitate because she will get back with you and help however she can! Plus they sell Boot Rugs and the selection that they have of them are flippin’ awesome! They also post inspirational quotes that really hit home! A+ in my book!

Wild Bleu

Customer service is great here! If you need to call the store these girls are super kind. The products they have are one of a kind. The size that I need always sells out fast and that is the only downfall that I have experienced with them. I cant even really call that a downfall though! You know that “we wore the same dress to prom” nightmare? Nope. Not gonna happen here. Great place to shop if you want to wear pieces that not many others have.

Buck Fergeson’s Originals

This is a must stop shop when driving through Bellville, Texas. Their Instagram is clean and crisp. Once you start scrolling… that probably means you wont stop until you’re checking out with you credit card. I absolutely love the variety they have.

Boys and Arrows

If you are wondering what swimsuit you are buying this summer, say goodbye to the mass production of Victoria’s Secret and hello to the new world of swimwear you have never seen. They put things on an entirely different level than your average swimwear. You wont find anything like them at your local Target.

One. Of. A. Kind.

The Rollin J

Cute. Classy. Simple.

That’s how I would describe this account and that’s exactly how I like them. I really like that they have simple clothing and they don’t get crazy with it. They products are elegant enough to wear alone, but also easily paired with other items. I really enjoy their selection.

Annettes TOC

Let’s talk about fun!

This is for when you want a little more spunk in your trunk (aka wardrobe). From T-shirts to button downs, they have it all. Wildly fun baseball Tees and funky accessory’s. When you need a little spice in your life, this is the place to go! They also come to the HLSR every year and it’s a must to stop by.

Turquoise and Tobacco

This is a business I have honestly never shopped with but I plan to in the near future. Their jewelry is what dreams are made of for turquoise lovers. I need to add to my jewelry collection because lets be real, my collection is nothing compared to your average Texas gal and I’ve got some catching up to do! The layout of their page will catch your eye without a doubt!

Redford Ranch Style

Southern and edgy.

They say if for themselves and they’re not wrong!  Love their graphic tees and tanks! It’s always a plus when items are reasonably affordable. Great page. Great looking products. Great connection to the southwest.

The Gypsy Wagon

Follow that gypsy soul right? Right!

From the boho chick in you to the country bumpkin you can be, the items they have can be incorporated into your closet no doubt! You can really bring out your artistic side with their collection. I haven’t shopped here yet, but it is certainly on my to-do list!

Double D Ranch

Quality, quality, quality.

If you’ve ever picked up a Cowboys & Indians magazine, you’ve seen this brand. Let’s talk about fabric and texture, they’ve got it all. Keeping the Southwest alive with vibrant colors and authentic patterns. There wont be an item they have that you wont like. Just make sure you save up, they’re on the pricey end. But without a doubt, the quality is there and it’s worth it!


I would like to make a little disclaimer about this post. None of these businesses asked me to review their accounts or talk about them for publicity purposes. I simply wrote this because I thoroughly enjoy their content, products, and overall presentation. I give full credit of content used to their rightful owners.



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