A Hoppy Easter, A Day of Rejoice

I’m a little late on this post but I thought it needed to be made regardless of its date of appearance. There is a lot of content in this post that is dear to me.

Easter is a celebration and a tradition to get together in my family. In fact this year was our 20th annual Easter celebration.

Family is something that is very important to me. We have all gone separate ways and stay busy due to marriages and kids, but one thing remains the same. We are family! In our family we will drop what we are doing to go help a cousin or cook a big meal so that everyone has something to eat. My aunt will even cook a large meal have your “to-go” order ready to pick up when you arrive! Between work, kids, sports, 4-H, and animals, someone always has something to eat. You will never go hungry!

Food is something that has always been a large part of my life! You cant have a get together in my family without food! That’s just unnatural! This has to do with a little bit of my background. My aunt has done a great job of keeping some of our Italian roots and heritage in our daily lives.

Family is forever! What is even better about my family, is that you don’t even really have to be related to us and we’ll still call you family! Sure blood is thicker than water… but loyalty, kindness, and love are important too.

Our Easter celebration consist of friends, family, and food! But the day isn’t about us, it is a celebration of Christ. I sure do thank the Lord that I get to spend the day celebrating him with the ones I love!

Also, big thank you to Simply Photography by Meagan McElya for taking some great Easter photos for me and Tanner to remember a great Easter!




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