Beyond The Beauty, There is Duty

You’ve heard the saying before… “With great power comes great responsibility.”

It is true in many cases and responsibility comes in different forms.

Just because you are deemed pretty by society, that doesn’t mean you come from royalty and dang sure doesn’t mean you are better than others. I believe that beauty comes from within, but with todays society, it is becoming harder and harder to find a way to encourage that belief and come away with positive reactions.

Yes, it is nice to look cleaned up but don’t be fooled by some hair spray and lipstick. You can come in contact with the most beautiful person you have ever laid your eyes on, but as soon as you realize that their personality is rude and a sense of entitlement is present, your heart can be pushed in a separate direction. 

I’m so sick of this Kardashian rave and the thought of them being perceived as beautiful. The drama that is associated with them is enough to make me cringe! I don’t think beautiful when I think Kardashian, my everlasting thoughts related to the name are selfish, misleading, and the furthest antonym from a leader.

Every person has the potential to be beautiful beyond skin. It’s all about how you treat others and yourself! If you feel that inner beauty and have confidence in yourself, it is your duty to make others feel the same way about themselves! You are a role model and if you radiate that energy to others it will come right back to you!

Every little thing that you do matters because somewhere out there is an individual who is looking up to you. So always remember that with beauty there comes duty!


2 Replies to “Beyond The Beauty, There is Duty”

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I agree, we do! We get so caught up with what society says beauty is and we are pushed away from real beauty. Real beauty is inside you and it’s how you radiate it that matters! 🙂

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