Under The Western Sky

Dusty. Dry. Deserted.

Those three words are how most would describe West Texas. To be honest, I described it just the same when I first had the opportunity to visit. Somehow, the adjectives I once used to describe the old untouched land have altered.

Dusty, that is one of the words that I once used to describe this part of the world. Dusty is a word used to describe something that is covered in dust. The word adequately describes the location, but there is much more depth to the word than just it’s physical meaning when talking about the west. The rocks, land, and dust that cover the west are actually rich in nutrients; nutrients that contain history. From the old cowboys to the Native Americans that once roamed our land, the west is rich!

There is no doubt about it, the west is dry. There is lack of moisture and lack of sweetness. Why sweetness? Because, there is no sugar-coating it out here! It is brutally honest with you. You get what you see and that sometimes is hard to swallow. However, it is also humble and it shows patience. The absence of the one element that could really make it shine (water) remains, but it waits patiently and appreciates when it does come.

Deserted, now that is something that I have learned to appreciate with time. The absence of large quantities of people and technology brings out the simplistic qualities of life. You know that saying,  “quality over quantity”… Well let me tell you it is true.

Life isn’t easy out west by any means and hard work is expected without question. It will definitely make you appreciate what you have and what you do not. It will humble you. It will wrap itself around you, touch you with wonder and curiosity, and sometimes you just might get the answers you’ve been searching for.

So if you ever pass through, don’t forget to make a wish on a star ( or two ) and remember that there is more to this part of Texas than meets the eye.



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