«Stay Humble & Hustle Hard»

Rodeo has always been a sport  that I have wanted to participate in since a young age. At a young age a child doesn’t realize the time, energy, and money that comes along with rodeo. Money  wasn’t something that we exactly had an abundance of in my childhood days. We just did not have the money or the resources at that stage in my life.

Most kids grow up and grow out of those childhood fantasies. Partially because of reality and partially because they stop believing it could ever happen. Occasionally you will find an individual who still has that spark in their heart and has yet to give up on “the dream”.

This is where determination and stubbornness comes into play. It takes a very strong willed person to keep working towards these dreams. While others are giving up because of the time that it takes or the work required to get there, these individuals are hustling hard to make it happen. No matter the cost.

I call these individuals, that are continuously fighting for what they want, Dream Catchers. Now why would I call them Dream Catchers; they haven’t even caught their dream yet?

Well to me Dream Catchers have filters, kind of like an actual dream catcher, and bits and pieces of their dream filter through them. Never all at once and it’s not always the good parts that come with chasing a dream, there are hard times too. All in all they start to build a foundation, or more commonly known as the web of the dream catcher. Slowly but surely it comes together more and more. Different experiences build different areas and the hard times bind them together because they only make you stronger. Dream Catchers wont stop until the dream is conquered, thus completing the dream catcher you are picturing in your mind.

I know that dream catchers do have other meanings to different individuals, but this is how I choose to interpret them in my life. So when I look at my dream catcher hanging from my rearview mirror in my truck, I don’t see a pretty decoration hanging there, I see my dreams coming together piece by piece. I see hope because I know each day I am building a foundation for greatness. I know that I will get there. I believe in myself!

Hustling hard for something you don’t care about can be stressful, but it is all about perception. You might be working hard at something you really could care less about (for some this is their job) and it is making life stressful. If you turn that around and remember that you’re working because you need to support your dreams that you are passionate about… Then that gives it a whole different look. Stay positive.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek

Aside from my dream catcher theory.. I have realized that there are good people and not so good people in this world and in the sport of rodeo alone. I have been encouraged by many and I have been shot down by others. **I don’t let the negative nanny roping Nancy’s and the b*$#^y  barrel racing Betty’s get me down.** I find the good people and I cherish those people and stick to them like glue. Those people are your rodeo family. Those people are truly great.

  • Remember to never give up on a dream
  • Stay HUMBLE
  • HUSTLE hard

Dreams can come true.

**Let me make a disclaimer before this is blown out of proportion. I am not calling all barrel racers or goat ropers bad/rude people whatsoever. I am just using them as an example. All in all there are rude (and good) people everywhere in the world I just used these two as an example. Don’t get ya panties in a wad.**




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