There’s Something Bout A Highway↛


Am I right??

Guess where we are headed this Friday!  #FredericksburgBound

There’s just something about a drive and good tunes to clear my mind.

I’m not sure if it’s those white lines or the humming in the background that calms me down. My favorite is when the sun is setting and you literally get rays of sunshine all over you. Its like your angels spreading a colorful shield around you.

It makes my heart smile, it calms my mind,  it’s cleansing for my soul.

The highway or a backroad, it really doesn’t matter which direction I go.

Call me a highway junkie and as Marren Morris would say (or sing) its my church. Cause you know

“When Hank brings the sermon, And Cash leads the choir, It gets my cold cold heart burning, Hotter than a ring of fire”.

Some of my must haves on a long trip include:

  • Good tunes
  • Phone Charger & Aux
  • My sidekick (aka Trigger, aka my collie)
  • Blanket to cover Triggers seat
  • Lint roller (I hate dog hair and lent but he still rides in the truck?)
  • Air fresheners
  • A stop at Bucees (if one is in route)
  • Whataburger
  • Bible and flashlight in the door

Well we’re bout to hit the road!

If you have any music suggestions for the ride or ideas of places to visit while in Fredericksburg, TX, send em’ my way!

Stay safe. Stay fun. Stay free.

Yours truly,



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