Flashback to October 2014! (Not A Wasted Wednesday)

It’s Wednesday and I haven’t given you a Sunday update and I won’t be writing about Wine Wednesday either. Some things never really change ha ha. No, I shouldn’t say that because I really would like to get post up on time for you all to read. Just like I would love to have my hair done on a regular basis and be on top of my life. You know like not running out of deodorant, but… Sometimes life just wins and you have to say “Oh well”. Next time right?

I sure would like to hope so, but life is a funny thing like that. It catches you off guard left and right. Just when you think you’re on top, your world is actually upside down. That is what is on my mind today. I could not even wrap my mind around composing you the same old Wine Wednesday when life, as we know it, took control of the wheel today.

People. People, people, people… We are all so different, but then again we are all so very alike. Today really challenged me. I am involved in a group for a class assignment and lets just say not every being in this group is easy to work with. Or I could just say there is one individual in particular that just irks the hell out of me. I mean I am not always the most friendly or necessarily the most outgoing being on this Earth. I would like to blame that on my shyness/anxiety, but honestly after precisely an hour ago I feel that it’s not really an excuse I can use in all situations.

For the most part if you’re any bit ambitious (I would hope you are if you’re reading my blog) people, you prefer to reach certain set goals. Some of these goals require the assistance of other individuals to successfully be obtained. Naturally the best way to achieve success while working with others would be with little conflict and a good attitude. Right? Right.

Well with this individual, that was not the case and instead I got a raging “I have to be a vixen to everyone I come in contact with” personality. Today was not the very first time that I experienced this individuals personality, but today was the first time that I came as close as a pea in a pod to coming unglued on this particular person. Then something happened. I wouldn’t call it an epiphany because subconsciously I am aware that when my attitude is negative towards others, I am not going to get very far. However, it was very similar to an epiphany because I had let it slip my mind and almost retaliated with the same attitude that this individual (for no apparent reason) was using towards pretty much the entire body of this class, but I realized that would only expand this ridiculous issue.

I was the bigger person in this situation and that made me feel a little better about all of it. Though she most likely would continue, I wouldn’t lower my standards and I could maintain my sanity.

This situation actually proved to be positive for me because I have continued my
day conscious of others. I have said hello to people walking by, simply smiled to acknowledge that they are in my presence, and actually felt good about it. Normally I tune out the world around me and walk straight to my destination. I realized that I am missing out on the beautiful world around me. I’m sure that I will still have my moments, but now that I have realized what it is like to not block it all out I plan to try a little harder to open up.

I am aware that I will most likely continue to be frustrated with her attitude when I am around her if I do not confront the issue. Confrontation is a whole different ball game. If I do feel the need to confront her about the issue I plan to do so in respectful manor, but that isn’t the subject I was aiming to address in this post.

I mostly wanted to share with you all what I gained from the situation. That would be the that the way you treat others has a far greater impact than any of us realize. I don’t want to leave others with a vision of me as rude, difficult, or self-centered.

I AM FAR from perfect, but I do know that I can aim to be a better person. If I recognize the issue and I give effort to change, then I know I am doing something good and on the right road.

There isn’t a map to get it right. Your destination is found within yourself and dependenton variables such as your own morals and values you contain.IMG_5681
So even though this Wednesday wasn’t full of wine and spirits, I know that it wasn’t wasted.
I hope that I made sense and I hope that you can relate.

“Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about
the journey along the way.” -Unknow

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